KCC Newsletter #41 – July 2020

Hello Everyone, Welcome to KCC Newsletter No. 41. As can be seen from the above picture in the Huddersfield Examiner, the reallocation of space for cycling and walking didn’t exactly get off to a flying start. Good communication is essential if cycling and walking is to to be improved after Coronavirus. […]

KCC Newsletter No. 40

Newsletter No.40 May 2020 Hello everyone and welcome to the new format for the Kirklees Cycling Campaign Newsletter. After the previous GDPR blunders it was clearly time to change from the standard email to something that, hopefully, will give everyone a little more security. I need to get up to speed […]

Kirklees Cycling Campaign #33 – Sept 19

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest newsletter from Kirklees Cycling Campaign. Investment and statistics seem to be the themes running through this edition. John Lewis – Chair KCC     Utrecht Railway Station:   A couple of years ago the New Mill Choir cycling buddies made a trip to […]

KCC Newsletter No. 32 (August 2019)

Holmfirth: For the few that don’t already know, the proposals for Holmfirth, drawn up by Kirklees Council, have been roundly rejected in the consultation process. The plans have now been scrapped. This is not to say that all is well in Holmfirth. It’s geography results in it being a cross-pennine […]

KCC Newsletter #26 – March 2019

Halifax to Huddersfield – A629 Phase 4 Consultation The concept of Quietways was developed in the Netherlands and has inspired similar routes to being developed in London. They use a mixture of existing quiet streets, parks, and off-road tracks, to make cycle routes that are comfortable and less intimidating for […]