KCC Newsletter #22 – October 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to some local cycling news and views 

– John Lewis Chair


Huddersfield Narrow Canal:

Good News! It is now possible to ride traffic free on a surfaced route between Chapel Hill and Tanyard Road/Factory Lane at Milnsbridge. Whilst waiting for the final completion of the route one can access Market Street via Tanyard Road.


Even better, there now appears to be funding available to continue the surfacing, as far as Slaithwaite, and the planning for this is taking place.


City Connect, Sustrans and the Colne Valley Greenway action group and councillors must all take credit for pushing this project forward.


Greenstreams Project

This project covers the rivers Holme, Colne, and Calder within Kirklees and is spearheaded by Jeff Keenlyside.

The idea is for local groups of all persuasions – including local businesses, schools, and various other community groups to adopt and care for a part of the river and its banks. Over time it is envisaged that the whole areas can gradually be linked up to create a linear park that can be walked and cycled. Jeff is currently making a lottery bid to help with funding.

Much more information can be found on the Greenstreams website: greenstreams.org.uk



The recent World Health Organisation announcement is the latest of a never ending list of warnings about the health of our society. 1 in 4 of us are not taking enough exercise. Our life styles often result in us being inactive for too many hours in the day.

Need we say more??????


A629 Road Plans

Following on from what was said in Newsletter 21 some KCC committee members have been exploring in more detail the possibility of developing one or two ‘Quietway’ routes that run parallel to the A629. The aim is to connect up existing routes through parks, bridleways, and residential roads and to make a continuous cycle route that will encourage more local people to use a bike – either for a short journey or as part of a longer one.

The residential roads on these routes would have to be adapted so that a definite priority is given to the cyclist and pedestrian.

Difficulties may lay ahead in achieving this. Cabinet members and councillors would have to give some political commitment to this principal and some may not feel comfortable doing so.


Kirklees Cycling Campaign has never been anti-car – most KCC supporters are motorists as well as cyclists or would-be cyclists.

The prospect, however, of ever increasing motor traffic on our roads and residential streets over the coming decades causes concern. Road improvements have the tendency to improve traffic flow initially, but after a while they often encourage more vehicle use and result in further traffic hold-ups.

We should be looking for ways to limit or reduce the continual growth of individual vehicle use, and one way to do this is to encourage people to use their car a little less frequently and to use their bike a little more often instead.  To make this happen, however, the local roads and streets need to be made more ‘encouraging’ for bike users. We hope that our decision makers will understand this, and feel able to take the difficult decisions that sometimes disadvantage the motorist in the short term.



Publicity Cards

These cards have  recently been printed to publicise KCC and to increase the support for the campaign. If you would like to have some to hand out to potential supporters just let me know.


Sustrans Volunteers 

 Anyone using the Sustrans Greenways such as Spen Valley and Penistone might not always be aware that the lack of litter and the control of overgrowth is thanks entirely to teams of sustrans volunteers who work regularly and tirelessly on behalf of us all.


On behalf of us all Thankyou!