KCC Newsletter #23 – November 2018

Hello Everybody,

Welcome to Newsletter No 23 from Kirklees Cycling Campaign


As always, lots going on planning for the future. Here’s a selection:

John Lewis (chair KCC)




The DFT recently required all local authorities in the UK to design a Local Cycling and Walking Plan (LCWIP) for their area.

The work towards creating LCWIPs over West Yorkshire has started with some very and experienced professional help; but is going to be a long time, and take a lot of work, before a comprehensive plan is achieved for Kirklees. Keep a look out in future newsletters as to how things are progressing.

For those that would like to see a more advanced model plan, one only has to look over the Pennines at Greater Manchester. The link here shows Chris Boardman fronting up a team that are an example to us all.



City Connect

Many people in Kirklees (both people who cycle and those that don’t)  might have heard of “City Connect”, but are not really sure who they are and what they do.

Below is a link to find out more:



A Highway Design Guide for Kirklees

 “The emphasis should be on ‘people movement’….Walking and Cycling should be considered the most important modes of transport, as they increase human interaction, contribute to well-being, and are the most sustainable forms of movement……”

No! this is not me banging on about why we should use bikes, but is a passage (one of many with similar sentiments) from the proposed Kirklees Highway Design Guide that is due to be part of the Local Plan. It is the document that Highways and Housing developers will have to conform to when submitting plans to the council for planning approval. It’s currently available for public consultation until 30th November. If approved it could have a significant impact on developing a decent local cycling network. To have a look at it and make your comments, use this link to the council’s website:



Leeds Road – Consultation:

The phase 1 plans ( Northumberland Street to Old Field House Lane) are now available for viewing and consultation. This has big implications for better cycling, particularly as KCC have requested a decent cycle track from Huddersfield town centre to the NCN 69 using the A62 (Leeds Road). Find out more details, and how to respond to the plans, by following this link:



NCN – Mirfield

Improving the NCN 66 at Mirfield is one of KCC’s ‘wish list’ items. The abrupt end of the traffic-free section from Ravensthorpe onto the A644 trunk road is a far cry from Sustrans stated ideals. This has now been recognised, and is now being listed as a ‘regional activation project’ in the Sustrans National Cycle Network Review report. The report was released this month, and was the subject of a parliamentary reception at Westminster to officially launch it (pity it had to compete with the Brexit announcements).

Making the Network accessible and safe for all, is one of Sustrans’ two new strategic priorities. The report lays out what they want to happen over the next 22 years.

Go to:  http://www.sustrans.org.uk/PathsForEveryone. For more info.


There’s thanks for you!