KCC Newsletter #15 – February 2018

Hello everybody and welcome to February’s newsletter of local cycling news and information.

Before the listings, however, just a reminder a reminder that if you know anyone, who might be interested in personally receiving these newsletters, just forward this one to them, and let them know that they only have to go to the website to get subsequent ones. We will be happy to add them to our mailing list if they give us their email address.

– John Lewis – Chair


  • Cycle Training:


City Connect is running a limited period programme of free cycle training for anyone from age 16. Bikes are provided at no extra cost, and training locations are across West Yorkshire during the daytime and evenings. The sportshub at Leeds Road is one of the venues.

All levels of training are available from novice to advanced.

Please spread the word to anyone who might be interested.



or call 01274 753 556 for more information





  • New Network Quality Map


KCC has recently produced a new ‘tube style’ map for Huddersfield Town Centre. The previous map was a vision. This one tries to map out the reality of the current situation in the town centre from the perspective of a cyclist. It categorises the type of road or track into different colours and tries to do a similar thing with the various types of junctions.

There are also marked areas where there is a ‘desired’ route. Areas, that for one reason or another, make difficulties for the cyclist. There also one-way roads marked that also often make a destination difficult or impossible.

These difficulties do little to encourage more cycling. We continue to work at trying to persuade the decision makers to adopt a coherent plan for cycling in the town centre and beyond. This map is but one of our methods.