KCC Newsletter #18 – May 2018

Department for Transport’s review of Cycle Safety

As part of its Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) the DFT is currently making a major comprehensive review into Cycle Safety. We await to see whether it materialises into important legislation, but it has the potential to completely change the culture of driving and riding on the roads in the UK.

The DFT has a stated aim of wanting cycling and walking to be the normal forms of transport for anyone over the age of 11 who makes a short journey. It understands, however, that perceived or real safety concerns for cyclists, are a major barrier towards achieving this aim.

It is currently in a stage of consultation and is inviting submissions from everyone until the 1st June. Details can be found at:

www.gov.uk open consultation Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy safety review: call for evidence.

CyclingUK has taken up the challenge and has started to compile a very detailed and comprehensive response to the subject.

Broadly speaking it has been organised  under the headings of:

Safe roads and junctions

Safe road users

Safe speeds

Safe vehicles

Safe system management


It really is an excellent comprehensive blueprint for safer cycling. Details of this can be found at cycling.org/safety

There is also the opportunity on this page to make a simple response to the DFT consultation.

We will all have our individual concerns about particular aspects of cycle safety. Statistically, three-quarters of cyclists’ collisions occur at or near junctions.

British Cycling has been at the forefront of advocating a change in UK law for turning traffic, and making it mandatory to give way, as is the case in most other European countries.

In urban environments “Copenhagen Crossings” – such as those recently installed in Waltham Forest – could be a significant help in changing our current driving and riding habits when turning left.

Huddersfield Narrow Canal

As part of City Connect phase 2; work was due to have started on March 26th on HNC to surface the towpath between Longroyd Bridge and Milnsbridge. It will mean closure of part or all of the route for at least 16 weeks. More detailed information about the closures are due to be put on the City Connect website: cyclecityconnect.co.uk (although, at the time of writing, there is no up to date information).


Free Adult Bike Training courses

If there is someone you know, who would like to learn how to ride a bike on the road in traffic, tell them about this. City Connect is currently offering free training in Kirklees. Details can be found on the City Connect website: cyclecityconnect.co.uk

Trans-Pennine Express – Changes

 From 20th May anyone wishing to travel with a non-folding bike on Trans-Pennine Express trains will have to book in advance. Further details are available on their website  www.tpexpress.co.uk/bikesonboard


April 21st Space for Cycling Event

Our thanks to everyone who took part in the KCC event in St Georges Square on April 21st.

We are grateful to Gideon Richards for taking so many photographs for us, and a large selection of these will shortly be displayed on the KCC website.

Special thanks are also due to the 16 Councillors and candidates who put pledges in the ‘Ballot Box’.

We had excellent coverage from the Huddersfield Examiner, and it marks a significant step in raising the profile of cycling on the political agenda in Kirklees. This is important if councillors are to understand why good quality cycling provision should be fundamental and fully integrated into the council’s planning.

Following on from this, it is strategically important in getting a projects passed by cabinet and council if a particular councillor can take responsibility for it, and take a lead in getting a measure approved. We are hoping, for example, that Rob Walker will be able to take on such a role in promoting and extending the Colne Valley Greenway route.

Committee Meetings

We seem to have got into some confusion about committee meetings. This matter was discussed at the March committee meeting in an effort to clarify the situation for everyone, and the clarifications are set out as follows:


The committee meetings are essentially what they say they are. Committee members are approved at the AGM and get invited to a monthly meeting where they discuss and make decisions on an agenda that has been set by themselves. Other supporters are welcome to attend committee meetings, but as they will not be individually invited to attend, they will have to to find the venue, time and date from the KCC website. If a supporter wishes a particular item to be discussed at a committee meeting this is also welcome, but they will need to inform the secretary in advance.