KCC Newsletter #17 – April 2018

Saturday April 21st – “Space 4 Cycling” Event in Huddersfield

This is a crucial event to try to raise the profile of cycling in Kirklees and to get important political support from councillors prior to the local elections in the first week of May.

Details of what’s happening is attached in the PDF here:


Kirklees Cycling Campaign

Space 4 Cycling Event in Huddersfield

Saturday 21st April


The Programme Outline:

10am        Bike riders meet up at Magic Rock Brewery Huddersfield (on corner of  Willow Lane and St Johns Road) where there is free car parking available for those that need it.


10:15        Commence a short half hour group ride in and around the town centre (bikes and riders are encouraged to look festive)


11:00        Riders arrive in St Georges Square where they will be met by other supporters of ‘Space for Cycling’.

The politicians/local councillors and candidates who are  present or their proxies will be then be thanked and                                        photographed putting their pledges of support for Space for Cycling in Kirklees into a large mock ballot box. (This done to the ringing of bike bells, and others sounds of approval from the onlookers).


11:30        After a brief thank you to everyone from the organisers, the crowd disperses. Some people on bikes will want to ride                           back together to Magic Rock brewery where they’ll have some alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, and possibly some food, before making their way home.


We are hoping for a good range of different cyclists with different types of bikes. Families with children are especially welcome.

We’re also hoping that there will be an good number of non-cycling and ‘would-be’ cyclists among the supporters.

There will be a pop-up table in St Georges Square for new supporters to register and receive future information and newsletters.


Please Note:

KCC will only use photos of children taken at the event if they have the parent’s permission.

It will be assumed that other people attending are happy for KCC to take photographs of them and possibly use them for KCC publicity purposes. Should this not be the case, please let it be known to the person at the supporters registration table in St Georges Square and we will act accordingly on the instruction.


What to do


Please try to come. Either on a bike or just turn up for an enjoyable half an hour in St Georges Square.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is, that we get a decent crowd of people to make it known to politicians that better provision for cycling is long overdue in Kirklees; and that we support the councillors who are prepared to back our cause.

I’ve already had some promises from my local councillors that they will attend but if only half a dozen people on bikes turn up it will be an almighty flop and councillors will conclude that there are no votes in supporting cycling.

Come with children and friends and family. They don’t all have to ride a bike to support “Space for Cycling”.


Could everyone please also try to write a short email your local councillors/candidates and MP and ask them to support “Space 4 Cycling”.

Send them the attached programme and get them to try to attend the event. Write a personal note, or – if you wish – cut and paste any of the material posted here as a template for your email.

Local councillors will normally only respond to requests from local people living in their ward so KCC is reliant on individual supporters  from all over Kirklees to ask their local councillors/candidates and MP’s for support.

Many will say that they unable to get to Huddersfield on April 21st. Particularly if their wards are some distance away.

If they say that they support Space 4 Cycling, but can’t attend the event, ask them if they will nominate a person to make proxy pledge to be put in the Ballot Box on their behalf.


Some of us will be unclear as to what “Space 4 Cycling” means. Many politicians will be even in more in the dark, and will need some help about what it means and some reasons why cycling provision should be implemented.

It was a concept initiated by Cyclenation and CyclingUK, and tries to be a neat way of packaging all the various forms of cycling provision that are necessary if we are to encourage more people to use bikes.

I’ve made a list of some of the things it can mean on the following attachment. Feel free to plagiarise, or make your own list to send to the councillors and candidates, so that they have a better understanding.

Space For Cycling 

We want our political leaders to make cycling a safer and attractive option for everyone in Kirklees.

Provision for cycling should be universal, providing a safe, convenient and enjoyable transport choice for people of all ages and abilities, for their everyday journeys.

What does it mean? Some examples:

Segregated routes for cyclists on busy roads.

Traffic management in town centres to make cycling and walking simpler and easier.

Developing ‘quiet routes’ where cyclists and pedestrians are able to use  roads that are not ‘through routes’ for motor vehicles.

Adopting the British Cycling Proposal for all road users to be legally bound to give way when turning. Bringing the UK in line with many other European countries and halving the accidents to cyclists.

Motor vehicles abiding by Highway Code 163 giving cyclists a gap of 1.5m when overtaking.

Developing canal paths, bridleways and unused railway lines to create off-road traffic-free routes.

Integrating good cycling and walking provision into Kirklees’s future road plans.



Unlocking cycling’s potential to be the primary, routine local transport choice will bring great improvements to everyone’s quality of life – not just the people who start cycling – and will help address many of the serious environmental, public health and local economic development challenges that the UK faces.

To summarise:

Over the past decades we have got used to using the car for just about every journey we make. Car journeys of three miles or less are common. If our roads were made more suitable, it would encourage many of us to use a bike for our short journeys. We’d all benefit if we did this. Roads would be less congested and our active travel would help us to be healthier and have a better quality of life.



Data Protection

In May there will be new laws relating to data protection of personal information.

As KCC holds lists of supporters email addresses, the  KCC committee has recently been organising procedures that try to make everybody’s details more secure. For the moment these may only be a temporary measures. When we have a fuller understanding of the new law some further modifications may have to be made.

The main points are:


  • Only the Chair and Secretary has a list of individual supporters.
  • The names on the list will only be used to contact individual supporters and will not be passed on to anyone else or any other body without the permission of the individual.
  • emails sent on a group basis will always be sent as Blind Copies.
  • If any person on the supporters list wishes to be deleted from the list of KCC email addresses, they only have to make the request via the contact page on the website and their personal information will be permanently deleted.



Photographs are a very valuable publicity tool in promoting organisations such as The Kirklees Cycling Campaign. It is recognized, however, that there are people who, for various reasons, don’t wish to be photographed.

The committee is still in the process of making a definitive procedure, but in the meantime it has been agreed that:

  • Photographs of children will only be used if they have the consent of their parent or guardian.
  • Adults who do not wish to have photographs of themselves used by KCC should inform the organisers at an event where photography might be taking place and KCC will act accordingly.