Space For Cycling

We want our political leaders to make cycling a safer and attractive option for everyone in Kirklees.

Provision for cycling should be universal, providing a safe, convenient and enjoyable transport choice for people of all ages and abilities, for their everyday journeys.

What does it mean? Some examples:

Segregated routes for cyclists on busy roads.

Traffic management in town centres to make cycling and walking simpler and easier.

Developing ‘quiet routes’ where cyclists and pedestrians are able to use  roads that are not ‘through routes’ for motor vehicles.

Adopting the British Cycling Proposal for all road users to be legally bound to give way when turning. Bringing the UK in line with many other European countries and halving the accidents to cyclists.

Motor vehicles abiding by Highway Code 163 giving cyclists a gap of 1.5m when overtaking.

Developing canal paths, bridleways and unused railway lines to create off-road traffic-free routes.

Integrating good cycling and walking provision into Kirklees’s future road plans.


Unlocking cycling’s potential to be the primary, routine local transport choice will bring great improvements to everyone’s quality of life – not just the people who start cycling – and will help address many of the serious environmental, public health and local economic development challenges that the UK faces.

To summarise:

Over the past decades we have got used to using the car for just about every journey we make. Car journeys of three miles or less are common. If our roads were made more suitable, it would encourage many of us to use a bike for our short journeys. We’d all benefit if we did this. Roads would be less congested and our active travel would help us to be healthier and have a better quality of life.


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