Kirklees Cycling Campaign Newsletter #37 – February 2020

The Dewsbury Blueprint:


The Dewsbury Blueprint was officially launched to great acclaim on Wednesday 5th February.

However, for many, it’s not so much what is in the Blueprint, but what is missing.

With the widespread concerns about the Climate Emergency and Public Health where are the Council’s plans to encourage Active Travel?


–         Where are the newly planned Cycle Routes from the Dewsbury                                 Riverside housing development?

–         Where are the much needed Cycle routes between Mill Street West and Sands Lane, and from Mill Street West to Dewsbury Railway Station?

–         How is one expected to enjoy riding a bike between Dewsbury and                         Batley?





And now compare Dewsbury with what happened overnight in Ghent. This was not about spending huge amounts of money, but about using human vision and intelligence to manage the traffic.

The video is a little long for some to contemplate watching, but it really is worth watching the entire 10.5 minutes. An inspiration!



Government Money for Cycle Routes:


Overshadowed by the announcement of the Government’s continuing support of HS2 there is a welcome statement that £5billion is to be allocated for Bus services and Cycling infrastructure outside London. It seems that there will be money for 250 miles of new segregated cycle routes together with money for some Mini-Holland schemes like those in Waltham Forrest.

The hope was that there was going to be more money available for the enormous task of making cycling in this country available to everyone. 250 miles is a ‘drop in the ocean’ in the context of Greater Manchester’s blueprint for 1,800 miles of cycle routes.

HOWEVER there is a budget coming up on March 11th, and there is a debate in Parliament later this month on the funding of Cycling and Walking.

Please try to make time to write – or better still – get an appointment to see your local MP and to get them to attend the debate.



Leap into Climate Action!


Kirklees Cycling Campaign will be one of many local groups who will participating in this Climate Emergency Event: Come and join us if you can:


Saturday, 29 February 2020 from 13:00-17:00

Huddersfield Mission

3-13 Lord Street, HD1 1QA Huddersfield