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  • Kirklees Cycling Campaign Newsletter No. 7 May 2017

    Space for Cycling Ride – Report The undemanding ride on 22nd April around Huddersfield Town Centre in the sunshine was covered in great style by the Huddersfield Examiner and included a personal interview. Unfortunately we didn’t fill the streets with cyclists, and our numbers were little more than those that …
  • Kirklees Cycling Campaign – April Newsletter

    The Open Letter The newsletter for March was taken up with the open letter to the two cabinet leaders responsible for highways in Kirklees. Some of you may have seen large parts of it printed in the ‘Huddersfield Examiner’.  This led to Pulse Radio requesting a short interview. The response …
  • The Bike! – David Power searches for meaning

    Like most other kids I had my first bike at an early age. Sitting here many years later I can remember a blue and white trike being wheeled into a very early birthday celebration.  My first two wheeler, a red Raleigh, came a few years later. After that it was …
  • Kirklees Cycling Campaign Newsletter No. 5 – March 2017

    An Open Letter to Cllr McBride and Cllr Musarrat Khan This month two representatives of the KCC met the above Cabinet leaders to discuss some issues involving cycling in Kirklees. Cllr McBride is responsible for Economy, Skills, Transportation and Planning while Cllr Musarrat Khan responsibilities are for highways and neighbourhoods. …
  • Kirklees Cycling Campaign – Newsletter No. 4 February 2017

    Hello everyone. Welcome to No. 4 Newsletter of the Kirklees Cycling Campaign listing some of the current news. Cycling Network Maps After an awful lot of work and teething problems the maps are now more or less ready to be presented to the council. Many thanks to the many people …