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  • KCC Newsletter #23 – November 2018

    Hello Everybody, Welcome to Newsletter No 23 from Kirklees Cycling Campaign   As always, lots going on planning for the future. Here’s a selection: John Lewis (chair KCC)     LCWIPS: The DFT recently required all local authorities in the UK to design a Local Cycling and Walking Plan (LCWIP) …
  • AGM Minutes and Reports 2018

    Please see reports and minutes from the Annual General Meeting held on 21st October 2018 AGM minutes 2018 Chairmans Report 2018 Secretary Report 2018 Treasurer Report 2018
  • KCC Newsletter #22 – October 2018

    Hello everyone and welcome to some local cycling news and views  – John Lewis Chair   Huddersfield Narrow Canal: Good News! It is now possible to ride traffic free on a surfaced route between Chapel Hill and Tanyard Road/Factory Lane at Milnsbridge. Whilst waiting for the final completion of the …
  • KCC Newsletter #21 – August 2018

    Kirklees Cycling Campaign   kirkleescyclingcampaign.wordpress.com   Newsletter  Number 21 – August  2018   Hello and welcome to Kirklees Cycling Campaign Newsletter No.21. This edition is devoted to plans for cycling in the area around the A629.   John Lewis – KCC chair   Back in the early 1970’s – around …
  • KCC Newsletter #18 – May 2018

    Department for Transport’s review of Cycle Safety As part of its Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) the DFT is currently making a major comprehensive review into Cycle Safety. We await to see whether it materialises into important legislation, but it has the potential to completely change the culture of …