Ride Information

In order to make our rides safer and more structured, we have drawn up the following guidelines which our ride leaders follow. Please acquaint yourselves with these guidelines and do all you can to assist your leader. Remember, we are doing this for your enjoyment.

At the Start of the Ride

  • Count numbers of riders.
  • Check who is carrying mobile phones.
  • Outline the route.
  • Where there is a substantial number of riders (in excess of 6 or 7), appoint a back marker who will agree to stay at the back of the group throughout the ride.
  • Check that all riders are CTC members. Anyone who is not should sign the temporary membership form (for insurance purposes.) Non members are allowed to take part in 5 rides before joining. A rider who does not satisfy this criterion will not be allowed to ride.

En Route

  • If riders get ahead of the leader it is their responsibility to get to the destination.
  • If riders are behind the leader then a rider will stay to mark each junction where there is a turn. (often this will be the leader himself or herself).
  • At suitable safe locations the leader will occasionally pause to check that things are all right and to allow riders to catch their breath.

Return Ride

  • Any rider wishing to take an alternative route home is judged to have officially left the ride when (s)he is no longer in contact with the leaders group.

Adverse Weather Policy

  • Intending riders should check for the latest news on facebook to ascertain whether the ride is going ahead or not.
  • Where the Leader cancels the ride he is under no obligation to go to the start, although it is expected that he will attend the start of an Easy Ride.
  • If any riders still turn up without the Leader’s presence they may choose a temporary Leader and route and this may then proceed as an official CTC ride as long as the temporary Leader is on the Club’s official list of approved leaders.